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Do you want to interact with forest spirits like Ori from the Ori games? You can with the Spirit Interactor! This is a free fanmade, adult game where you can chat, play with, give gifts, and do romantic things with adorable guardian spirits!

The game is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. It is also available to play in the browser, but keep in mind that you cannot save your progress in the web version.

The game is still in development, but there will be more updates to the game including more customization, scenes, characters, dialogues, events, sex positions, and mini games. 

NOTE: This is a fan game where Ori and some of the environments, characters, music, and other related properties are owned by Microsoft and Moon Studios.


Latest version: 0.2.0a

  • Interact with 3 spirit characters: Ori, Flo, and Sean.
    • Chat and ask them things.
    • Give them gifts and have them wear different outfits.
    • Play games with them!
    • Do romantic things with them including hugging, cuddling, kissing, and mating.
    • Grow your relationship with them and declare your love!
  • Find, buy, and sell items to help you interact with the spirits!
  • Meet and talk to the Spirit Tree of Sabil.
  • Visit many places of Sabil such as Hazel Grove, Wandering Meadows, and Falroot Lake.
  • Play two mini games with spirits: Rock, Leaf, Sticks and Hide and Seek.
  • Customize Ori to how you like him or her!
  • Mate with spirits in different mating modes and settings.

If you want to cheat or unlock everything, go to this devlog!

You can check out for updates on the game or play the experimental builds!

If you have any issues, find any bugs, or want to give feedback, you can leave a comment below or you can send an email to


Art & Programming - Whitecrocus
Backgrounds - EmZee & Whitecrocus
Sounds - DGMFX
Music from the Ori games and Pixelmon OST

Special thanks to my supporters on Patreon for making this possible!

If you want to help contribute to the game such as translations, art, sounds, music, voice acting, dialogue, event ideas, etc., let me know by sending an email to

Updated 26 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(114 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Casual, Character Customization, Cute, Erotic, Fangame, Furry, Romance, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

Install instructions

Android: Download the APK file and run it to install the app on Android.

Windows: Download the Win version of the zip file, extract it, and run Spirit Interactor.exe.

Mac: Download the Mac version of the zip file, extract it, and run Spirit


SpiritInteractor.apk 127 MB
Download 117 MB
Download 125 MB

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You should have 'show erections in interactions have a flag for when a spirit is aroused or not. Mostly have them show up when you're making out with them, or otherwise getting them excited.

A user suggested something similar to this as well. The show erections feature was a small quick one to add and would be nice to make it better. 😊

Idk why but I can't just start play it just doesn't loading

I'm sorry that the game is not starting. Can you please provide me details on what you are using to run the game (OS, version, RAM, etc)?

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Android 11 

Ram 4 GB 

Maybe useless

(Brand: Techno) 

(Model:Techno KG7n) 

And have SD-card

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Hey, just a recommendation
but what if there were more customization options to change what Ori is such as making him a fox/bunny/other animal maybe?

Or even things from different games like a Slugcat.
And maybe even different color patterns and options to color different parts of the body instead of just one.
Or maybe even new arms and legs.
Just a thought I had.

There will be more customizations like bunny ears, patterns, and more.


i need ask if you finish this update that mean you finish this game ?

full game

Nope. There are plenty of things to add before it is considered finished.

We all look forward to the full game! But don't work too hard and take care of yourself. We can be patient!

On Android if you mate with one of them the game just crashes other than that I love the stile

9.5/10 good game

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hey, will Ocus be in the game?

Unlikely. We'll see.

how i get rose?

No roses yet.


What new positions would there be?
Hopefully some cowgirl action if you can make it work~

They will be revealed when I am close to releasing the update containing them.

That makes sense XP

wait how do i get currency again?

The currency is spirit light orbs. You either find them while searching the area or sell items to Sean.

hi , i have idea : 

when you do romantic or do love with any spirits every day he / she will angry .

and when he get 40 heart he stop it get love but he ask you task and if you did that task he get heart 

that all my idea :) .

i hop you like it my idea like i love your game :D

Thanks for the idea.

is there a chance we have a female mc in the future? 



Question, Will there be the possibility to have non-human genitalia?
Or at less a way to customize it more then just one color?


It may be an option later down the road.

I just found out about this game yesterday and i really like it, i cant wait for the next update :3

I love these types of games,, where you actually have to build up your relationship with the individual and not just doing it right away for no absolute reason. Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Also some questions, do you plan on creating various positions? Or Like fingering/tongue work or such? (Kinda feels awkward asking this).  

And will you add like a jealousy system if you spend far more time with a different spirit that isn't our gf/bf? (Not sure how you would do it but still asking). 

.Again,, Keep Up The Good Work <3.


There will be more positions and some kind of jealousy system in the later updates.

So there will be consequences of getting multiple girlfriends and boyfriends in the future?

Yes, but that will be an option that can be toggled on or off.

when you add fishing to the game it's going to be like a mini game?

Probably in the next update. It will be a fishing mini game.

hey good sir can i ask if we can variety of animations aswell?


There will be more animations.

I love him so much, I love the game, it's very cute. Quick updates! !🥰

Two things:

1 - Just curious, is Spirit Interactor the final title, or do you think you’ll change it down the line?

2 - Can’t wait for the new updates, when do they typically release? 

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There may be plans to change the title.

The updates tend to happen every 3-4 months. The release date for the next update won't get released until that is update close to finishing.


How to play this game is all in English. I don't know how to play it.




Yo I play through your game and it's awesome but I do hope we can get more characters from the game like some villains male and female and some way to marry them and for females also have children with them and some other story beats too because after getting all of the characters unlocked and mating with them that's about it sure we got the mini games but it would be actually cool if we can have some combat if we stay out too late with one of the characters helping us out in the fight I love the cure to customization from spirits I would love to see you some customization from the other spirits to


- This is a visual novel, not a Turn-Based ARPG. As far as I know, there will be no combat. This is supposed to be a safe space for spirits.

- WhiteCrocus has said there will be cameos from other canon Ori characters, as well as other OCs.

- WhiteCrocus has also said that marriage and pregnancy is toward the final stage of their roadmap, which is on Patreon.

- The next update is going to be an expansion of this one, with, for example, more things to do with Sean in order to make him more easily romanceable.

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Would you translate the game for another languages like Brazilian?

(If you would do that i can help with Brazilian language)

If you or anyone would like to help with the translations, send me an email to

I just recently became an ori fan because of this game thank you btw. would like to see updates also.  where is the PikaJota mushroom or has it not been in game yet?

I don't know but with the play tests I've done, it seems unavailable 

Not available yet

Where updates?

Based what i know. A month or 2 from now

So I have some questions and suggestions:

1: I think it could be neat if you animated the spirits’ sprites a bit during the non-mating interactions, like, say, during a regular conversation, a simple swaying idle animation, perhaps with twitching of the tail and ears, could certainly make the spirits feel more alive.

2: Tying into that, do you think cuddling and making out could have their own animated scenes? Having it be just a text interaction where the spirit smiles in the exact same way kind of breaks the intimacy / immersion.

3: The option to have the spirits display their genitals during interactions is nice, but it’s a bit awkward for, say, Sean to be at full mast over you buying a fruit off of him, or Ori to be likewise after confessing to accidentally killing the protagonist of Hollow Knight. Perhaps the spirit’s erections during interactions could be tied to their arousal, so, for example, if Ori becomes aroused during a makeout session or suggests to you that you mate with him, he would get an erection then, when it makes sense?

4: It might be interesting to have intersex / hermaphrodite spirits. You can already customize Ori to have some mix of both typical sexes, why not mix them further? A spirit with both options when it comes to breeding would certainly be able to carry on the species easier as well, so that could fit into the Spirit Tree’s ideals.

5: Does the earlier roadmap still apply? What stage would you say you’re on, if so? And what stage will come next, at about what time? I feel a lot of the upcoming features will do a lot to increase the overall feeling of comfort and deep intimacy.

Having more animation in the interaction scenes is a good idea, and changing the erections depending on the situation is good too.

It is possible to have specific animations for the kissing and cuddling, but it'll be difficult and will take a very long time because of the customization. We will see.

The road map still apply. The next update will actually focus on finishing the top right features, and the next one after that will focus on the different mating scenes.


On the more steamy side of things, did you see what I asked about hermaphrodite spirits?

Related to that, some good potential additions could be a version of the second penis option with a knot (since the second one, that Sean has, already looks so much like a canine penis), and a canine vulva for female spirits as a counterpart, if you decide customizations ‘below the belt’ would apply to more than just males.

I'll think about adding hermaphrodite spirits.

Additions for more different types of dicks and vulva are planned.

Alright, good to hear. Looking forward to every update that you’re working on. You’re doing the Spirit Tree’s work.

I am seeing alot of controversy about sean... Am i the only person who figured him out lol but anyways beautiful settings and i look foward for the updates ten out of ten

Its not that he's hard to figure out it's that he has nothing to figure out XD but he's getting some love soon :3

Sean is still being worked on.  Just hang in there sean lovers.

ok it is just impossible to progress with sean

no, he just needs more efforts than the other 2 spirits. You have to buy him items for advance, try to buy flower geis to give to Ori and then to him. Also give ten spirits lights to the tree it helps with relations with spirits.


Good advise. Sean is difficult for now, but I am making efforts to make it easier.

ok the sean character is truly tiredsome to progress with also theres no longer an option to turn orrior flo to male anymore or am i missing smth btw great game


Only Ori is customizable for now. You can change Ori's gender by going to General and clicking the arrows next to Female.

Sean is difficult for now, but he'll be easier in the next update.

i remember i played this when it released and i was truly delighted and so now..
btw where do i find a rod for fishing?

Fishing rod is unavailable for now.

Your game is amazing 10 out of 10 keep up the great work but dont over work yourself we can wait a few extra days

Thank you.

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Are there plans for the any of the spirits being more dominant, rather than all of them submissive like in their naughty scenes, such as maybe the females wanting to be on top, being more aggressive or the males wanting to penetrate you instead or make you pleasure them?


There are plans for that.

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Can you add on next updates, the possibility to have more than 10 slots for customize Ori and maybe other spirits as well? Also you can add a Moki into the game? Can be really nice to have M/F Moki into the game!

I can't wait for more sex animations/interactions with spirits, as mating them inside the player tent, making/having a harem, and mating with more than one spirit at time. Masturbating spirits --> as in-game events or with player and give/get blowjobs sounds really fun to adds.

As I have see on suggestions here, have a full avatar, maybe a full costomizable avatar sounds great. And have M spirits fucks your avatar sounds nice. As another suggestion how about of the randoms events, after spirits are in love/engaged as boyfriends/girlfriends with the player, they can come at player tent and "presents" their butts/bits as they're horny or want to mating with the player. And adding some "kinky" scenes like this one --> when they're happy/playful and have grow enough relationship with the player.

 I do like to see new outfits as I saw this one on e621 on yours account --> as it looks very lovely on the spirits!

I can't wait for next update/s, keep it up with this cool game!

I've noted your suggestions. Thanks. I'm glad you like the game.

Will it at all be possible to perhaps add threesomes with different spirits, whether it be MxFxF or MxMxF (or other variations) ?

Maybe. We will see.

Will you be able to change your gender in the future?

Not really, but I'll think about.


So it took a while, but I managed to romance all three spirits in one sitting (as I can’t save due to playing on a mobile browser.) The story is adorable, but I hit a few snags.

- First, if a passionate spirit visits you in the morning, and you choose to make love to them, if they accept, once the scene ends, the day seemingly resets, and they’ll still be at your camp, but the time will have progressed a tick. Theoretically, you could keep making love with them at your camp until they either break it off and leave for the night, or until you pass out.

- Second, I was a bit disappointed to see that Sean was so difficult to romance. While Ori and Flo shot straight to Passionate quite quickly, in large part thanks to their shared flower-picking event giving a hefty sum of hearts, Sean doesn’t have a comparable event trigger, meaning you’re going to be spending a lot of ingame days playing RLS, cuddling, and making out for each respective relationship stage. His seeming lack of a gift that he especially treasures, unlike the other two, also complicates matters.

Overall, beautiful story and intimate gameplay, just had some input on it.

I'm glad you liked it. Sean is difficult to progress since there isn't a lot of options for him. The next update will involve more things to do with Sean and more balancing.

I know about the issue with mating spirits at your home so I'm implementing a fix for it.

Looking forward to the extra Sean content. For all his smug nature, he really is a cute little puppy-goat.

Also looking forward to the other things I asked about in the other threads. Keep up the good work.

can Flo confess her love?  and what are the chances?

She doesn't confess ... yet

You can convince her to be your girlfriend and to mate, but I don’t think she can initiate things.

she can initiate matting if you cuddle into the night

hey, I have a question can you have Seam as a boyfriend are is that in a future update?

You can, though he's a little slower to progress than the other two and doesn't seem as fleshed out but the core stuff is there~ (as in you can bang him :p)

Im working on writings for sean. Helping whitecrocus. But for right now i need to experiment with the characters and see what needs writing. but if he needs more for later affection levels. I'll add it to the list

He's just missing some things that the other two have already. No events, no mini game, no likes/dislikes(ie a favored item), no confession(though Flo doesn't have this either currently), no alternate love making trigger, and most of his dialogue pretty much only tells you about the others and very little about himself.

He doesn’t have a favored item, but he will play Rock, Leaf, Sticks with you at later relationship levels if you’ve already unlocked it with Ori. WhiteCrocus has referred to Sean’s current status as ‘hardmode’.

Yep, he will~ but that's still Ori's mini game just like Hide n Seek is Flo's but not sure if there will be a new mini game each spirit likes to play or if there's plans beyond these three so we shall see!

Yes, but he’s more aloof, and he doesn’t like Hide and Seek, along with having no special event (that I know of) that dramatically boosts his affection level, unlike Ori and Flo’s shared flower-picking event, so prepare to play a lot of Rock, Leaf, Sticks to start things off, and cuddle / make out a lot once things start to progress.

Right. There will be more options for Sean. For now, he is pretty much "hard mode". 😆

Will there be any plans on transformation content (where your character becomes one of the spirits), or are you not into that?

No transformations

Oh.  Do you have a Patreon or anything like that?


I took a look, and none of the options seemed to appeal to me.

So, by "no transformations", you mean as in none planned at all?  That's unfortunate.


Awesome game❤️‍🔥

Waiting more updates. In general, I would like to find similar games. But for me, this game will always be wonderful.

Same thing man

some questions for WhiteCrocus:

- Do you think you could add a debug/cheat menu, for those who are playing on mobile and don’t have a lot of time to go through the whole story to unlock things?

- Could you possibly even develop a separate release focusing solely on the mating mode with everything already unlocked, in the vein of Monster Mind’s Xmas Edition?

- If not, do you think you could possibly simply write a walkthrough that helps to unlock things as quickly as possible?

- Once you romance spirits in the story mode, are they unlocked in the mating menu?

- if so, can you customize them, or just Ori?

(3 edits) (+2)

There is a debug console in the non-Android version. Check the reply for "Can we cheat" below. I'll have to see how this can be done on Android.

I don't plan on having a separate release for the mating since I think the mating mode and the unlock cheat is good enough.

I plan on writing a walkthrough. If someone wants to help write it, let me know!

The spirit becomes unlocked once you reach 25 hearts.

Ori is the only one you can customize for now.

(2 edits)

Oh, I don’t have an android device, and I’m playing this in a mobile browser app on iOS.

That reply was posted after I made this comment, but I’ll check it out.

Edit: I can’t use the tildé key when there’s no text box on the screen, on account of being in a mobile browser. Dangit. Perhaps you could add a certain hidden place on the screen to tap for those who are unable to use a keyboard?

A walkthrough would be nice, but I’m no writer.

Thanks for answering my questions, though, I appreciate it.

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